Welcome to Work Psychology Hub's online learning platform. Our first blog! Whatever it is that you're learning, you will no doubt have a reason. Setting and writing down objectives for learning is such a useful thing to do. In mindfulness we tend to set intentions. I think there's a huge crossover between the two. In my mind, one of the purposes of setting a learning intention or objective, is to help keep you motivated.

In the Authentic Confidence Programme for women we have just learned about voice and breath from a world class voice coach. The thing to do now is to do those practices daily - little and often. This then build the resonance, strength, clarity and confidence of the voice so it can be relied on under those pressured moments, and provide an interesting voice that captures other people's attention.

But what is it that will make participants actually do the practices? Well, a personal objective of being able to speak in public is one. Then add a specific goal onto this to really make it feel real. As facilitator of the group I take part in the learning too. Personally, I have a presentation to give to 70-100 people in about a month or so (the amount of time needed to build a solid foundation for the voice). This will motivate me to do those voice exercises every morning. I want to offer a more captivating and interesting presentation, and avoid a monotone gravelly delivery.

What's your objective(s) and what specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART) goal(s) for your personal learning?